Do airpods cause brain cancer?

Is radiation from bluetooth headphones harmful?

If you do a quick google search, chances are you'll be told that these levels of non-ionizing radiation are much lower than a cell phone, and thus you have nothing to worry about.

Most people believe that wireless radiation is harmless for a few reasons.

  1. Current Safety guidelines only consider thermal, or heat-based effects (how long it takes for your face or ear to heat up when using  a cell phone) and do not take into account non-thermal, biological effects such as DNA damage.
  2. The "strength" or power of the radiation is often measured in SAR (specific absorption rate) and does not account for frequency.  Both cell phones, Wi-Fi, and bluetooth all use the same frequency of 2.45 GHz.(2.45 billion pulses per second)  Our brain has evolved to only perceive frequencies and electrical impulses between 8 to 30 Hz.  These electrical frequencies regulate how cells critical for our immune and nervous systems communicate and repair.
  3. Studies researching chronic exposure to wireless are lacking, and also not taken into account.  All safety research on wireless radiation is based on SAM, a mannequin created by the US military to test SAR levels.  Are you, or your children a mannequin?  Is your brain filled with the same material? 

To truly understand how frequencies and radiation are perceived by the human body, we need to explore the intricacies and wonderful symphony already playing between our ears.

Did you know that our ears convert the light around us into sound?

How does this happen?

Why should you care?

First - I’ll explain the basics of how.  

Our cochlea is spiraled and covered internally with a pigment called melanin.

Melanin is way more than just a pigment - it’s akin to a computer chip (think semiconductor) that processes the information of light, using frequencies such as UV (ultraviolet) to structure how we perceive sound.

Aside from melanin, we have a crystal structure in our ear’s cochlea called the tectorial membrane that can process electrical signals, and convert the charged particles of photons (light) into what are known as phonons (sound waves).

The melanin of our cochlea sits in a fluid called endolymph. This fluid contains potassium (K). All biochemical processes have an electrical component, as the voltage created from EMFs, both native (Sunlight) and non-native (WiFi, electrical outlets etc) create what are known as ions. These ions will then attract certain elements like potassium or calcium.

What powers the computer chip that is melanin?

Sunlight powers our bodies’ little batteries called mitochondria, causing a spark of electricity that the potassium (K) of our endolymph then uses to create UV light. Melanin then uses this light for crucial metabolic reactions such as fighting cancer.

The more UV we are able to absorb, the more melanin we build on our cochlear sound-proofing surface, which houses our sound-processing system.

You can think of potassium as our diode in this formula for life. A diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts current primarily in one direction.

Our Cochl-ear Sea Shell:


An imbalance of calcium in our inner ear may lead to a literal imbalance by causing symptoms similar to that of Meniere's disease, along with ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

For a full understanding of the melanin miracle molecule, I suggest you read:

Melanocytes stimulate melanin production by absorbing UV Sunlight


Do you know why the melanin of our cochlea is a dark brown, and our neuromelanin (substantia nigra) located deep in our brain is black?

The darker the pigment, the more light it absorbs. We are beings of light, only if we can be with light.

Absorbing Infrared A so that I can soak up more UV to build antioxidants

Devices such as airpods and fitbits use radiofrequency (RF, a type of EMF), which ultimately vibrates and steals electrons from your tissues.

A hallmark of sound health is having a net negative charge, and being able to donate electrons (negative charge) to many cellular processes that need them. This is why food high in NAD+ is crucial, along with practices like grounding.2

When we lose electrons, we also become dehydrated more easily as our bodies require charged (structured) water to work. This structured water is what can ultimately lowers the violent vibrations our bodies experience as a result of EMFs from wireless devices such as airpods.

The light that we “hear” from airpods have short wavelengths with high intensity. These wavelengths cause us to lose nitric oxide (NO), which when balanced helps us maintain healthy circulation (think beets) and maintain energy levels.

Airpods also create massive amounts of radiation, which not only can cause brain tumors but lead to memory loss.3

Airpod and Wireless Earbud Facts


From a comprehensive article linked here by EHT Trust:

  • AirPods, like other Bluetooth headsets and earbuds, will constantly transmit signals of microwave radiofrequency radiation (RF) while they are in your ears, whether you are using them or not. 

  • Airpods and wireless earphones sit right near your skull. They transmit RF directly next to your brain and ear, and the RF is absorbed into your brain and ear tissues. 

  • Apple’s second generation AirPods are Bluetooth Class 1 – meaning they reach to hundreds of feet away and emit higher radiation compared to other Bluetooth devices. 

  • This type of radiation is already admitted by the WHO to be a class 2B carcinogen, and stated to be approached with caution.
  • The left AirPod communicates with the right AirPod using a technology called “near field magnetic induction” (NFMI).  The fields go right through your brain. Magnetic fields are linked to cancer and oxidative stress. 



Remember - melanin absorbs UV light. This happens when we’re in Sunlight. The Sun charges the water in our cells, and allows amino acids like tyrosine, the building blocks of life, to be activated. This then leads to the creation of melanin along with important neurotransmitters like dopamine.


If we sit around inside or have airpods in us, our light environment will be compromised. Stick with airtube headsets, or revive your boombox - if you’re old enough like me to remember the days of jamming out on your stereo like a boss.


We are more powerful than you know.

Roman S Shapoval

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