Wireless Freedom Starts Here.


Create a sanctuary for body, mind, and soul.

Liberate your children from the endless cycle of tech addiction. 

Learn how to apply robust EMF-reduction strategies to optimize your workspace and perform at your peak!

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Health mastery begins with education.


Concerned about 5G and  wireless radiation? 

Feel helpless in combatting the tech addiction of your loved ones? 

Feeling increasingly fatigued and burnt out?

What the EMF 101 Course will do for you:


Get deeper sleep

Create a sleep sanctuary with circadian lighting. Harness your body's DC elecricity to regenerate your nervous system


Reduce inflammation

Eliminate carcinonegic dirty electricity in your home.  Alleviate silent, chronic stress in your body

Reconnect with loved ones

Learn how to draw boundaries and master your devices before they master your family

What You'll Get:

Live calls each week

Receive 6 weeks of personal guidance and connect with other EMF health advocates.  Calls are 1 hour and held on Thursdays 7PM EST



Holistic EMF reduction

Learn how to measure and reduce AC electric and magnetic fields, blue light, and radiofrequency

Lifetime Access

Access a vault of past and future class calls, downloadable guides, and links to trusted EMF products


EMF 101 includes:

  • 26 in-depth lessons teaching you everything you need to know about wireless radiation
  • 6+ hours of instructional videos
  • 26 quizzes to solidify understanding
  • Downloadable resource guides to assist you and your electrician in tackling wiring errors
  • Complete the course entirely at your own pace
  • All lessons and videos are downloadable for offline use
  • Lifetime access to The Power Circle Community, where you can connect with other EMF health advocates around the globe.
What's included in each lesson?

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Course Curriculum:

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