This six-part course will help you easily reduce toxic wireless radiation, which can also increase mold growth, in your home. 

Create a sanctuary for your family, without having to spend countless hours scrolling the internet for desperate solutions!

The challenge:  Wireless radiation, a Class 2b carcinogen, is rising worldwide with no end in sight.

If you're like us - you're a health warrior.

You eat real food without the chemicals, filter your water, apply natural cosmetics, and avoid toxic pesticides. 

But there's one toxin that you're still exposed to daily, that you...let's be honest, denied was a big deal - since it feels too overwhelming to even think about:  electro-pollution or "EMFs."

EMFs could be why you're consistently hitting the gym - but feel like you're crashing into a brick wall instead.

You wake up groggy and frustrated, wondering...

Did I drink a gallon of coffee before I went to bed?

You do a google search for "how cell phones impact sleep" and decide that the jury is still out on how much these devices can actually harm our health. 

You convince yourself there's nothing to worry about - and say to yourself "I'm healthy, I'll bounce back!" 

You may even spend loads of money buying EMF-harmonizing pendants, "protective" clothing, or grounding pads, yet in the back of your mind you're asking yourself..."do all these products actually work?"

After countless hours scrolling the internet, and hard work trying to get the body you've always wanted, your mind doesn't seem to work like it used to. 

You're still surrounded by a sea of wireless radiation, with no end in sight.

What can you do?

Learn how to easily reduce EMF in your home

What will EMF 101 do for me?

Get deeper sleep

Create a sleep sanctuary with circadian lighting. Harness your body's innate elecricity to regenerate your nervous system & restore cognition.  Wake up feeling refreshed!

Reduce inflammation

Eliminate dirty electricity, a class 2b carcinogen, in your home.  Alleviate silent, chronic stress in your body

Reconnect with loved ones

Learn how to draw boundaries and master your devices before they master your family

Live calls each week

Receive 6 weeks of personal guidance. Calls are 1 hour and held on Thursdays 7PM EST

Holistic EMF reduction

Learn how to measure and reduce AC electric and magnetic fields, blue light, and radiofrequency

Lifetime Access

Access a vault of live Q&A webinars with EMF experts, downloadable guides and links to trusted EMF products and third party-tested meters.

Learn from our expert panel of EMF professionals
What are others saying about this course?

EMF 101 includes:

  • 31 in-depth lessons teaching you everything you need to know about wireless radiation
  • 6+ hours of instructional videos
  • 26 quizzes to solidify understanding
  • Downloadable resource guides to assist you and your electrician in tackling wiring errors
  • Lifetime access to The Power Circle Community, where you can connect with other EMF health advocates around the globe.
  • BONUS!  Live Calls and Q&A each week + presentations by EMF pros (will be recorded)
  • Complete the course entirely at your own pace
  • All lessons and videos are downloadable for offline use
What's included in each lesson?

Course Curriculum:


Meet Roman:  your EMF instructor.

Roman burnt out himself on technology, spiraling into depression as a computer salesman. 

When he found out how harmful Wi-Fi was to his health, and those of his loved ones - he quit his job and became devoted to the field of electromagnetic radiation research.

Meet Bohdanna:  your EMF repairwoman.

Once upon a time, Bohdanna was an anxious, depressed, insomniac, prescribed drugs that almost ruined her life, until...

She found the Light! turning off the lights. 

Bo knows that one of the best ways to repair damage from chronic stress is by harnessing the powerful prescription of sleep.

When we rest, we emit a potent type of EMF in the form of brainwaves.  Knowing how to protect these sacred frequencies is the key to the hidden door of our health!

Some of our EMF speakers + Q&A sessions:

Keith is a 39-year survivor of electromagnetic poisoning. Through his company, EMF Remedy LLC, Keith helps clients reduce personal exposure to non-native electromagnetic fields in their homes.
His expertise includes conducting precise evaluations and implementing successful solutions for reducing non-native electromagnetic radiation exposure in residential spaces. Additionally, Keith focuses on designing homes that are safeguarded against EMF exposure.

Rob is an Electronics Engineering Technologist, and has 20+ years of experience as an independent corporate electronics field service engineer, and is a certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor with the Science of Public Policy Institute.    He is currently the President of Safe Living Technologies Inc. and one of Canada’s most experienced EMR technologists.
He is also a factory certified Gigahertz Solutions Test Equipment Technician and Instructor.  Along with the team at SLT, Rob personally designs trusted products that actually work for EMF mitigation, such as shielding paint, bed canopies, and also design their very own EMF meters that are used as a worldwide gold standard.

Paul's EMF journey started with a fight for his life, battling a smart meter on his home.  He decided to take control of his health and became a self-taught EMF consultant and professional.  Paul had the incredible opportunity to learn from three brilliant mentors:  Dave Stetzer, Samuel Milham MD, MPH and Martin Graham EE, PhD. 
By purchasing the proper scientific equipment, Paul was then able to start mitigating EMFs in his own home.  Paul is the owner of Total EMF Solutions, and travels the globe helping clients reduce EMF in their homes, for their pets, and places of work.

Tyler is a senior electromagnetic radiation technician for Safe Living Technologies, and will be reviewing the various types of EMF meters available:  electric, magnetic, radiofrequency (5G), along with tips on how we can use them, and where we should measure.
All SLT meters go through rigorous testing, quality assurance, and are designed in-house.

We discuss how certain foods we consume can form crystals in our bodies, making us more susceptible to EMF.   Dr. Harding graduated from the University of Georgia with an honors degree in Holistic Medicine.  She then went on to attend Bastyr University in Seattle, a leading integrative medical institute in the US.  
Dr. Harding has been president elect of the Arizona Association of Naturopathic Physicians and has sat on the Arizona State Regulatory Board for Naturopathic Physicians.  She was voted a Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor in 2014, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021. 
Amy has an extensive teaching background, which she firmly believes is an important element in naturopathic medicine.  She was an anatomy and physiology instructor at Paradise Valley College for seven years.


Shelley is a retired teacher and director of Canadian Educators For Safe Technology.  We discuss how wireless devices affect our children on all levels, and and introduce potential solutions for accommodation at school.
Shelley currently works alongside former Microsoft Canada CEO Frank Clegg, and is well aware of how this technology is negatively impacting our children.

What Others Are Saying about EMF 101:


"What you see, and more."

This course is well organized into comprehensive modules that progress understanding of all things EMF.  Roman is very good at explaining the technical components of EMF.

Getting up at dawn to absorb the morning light is my new habit. Wearing blue blocking glasses is my new habit. I basically was aware of all these things before, but now I have the motivation to take them to the next level.

Thank you Roman and Bohdanna for all you do for society.

- Robin F.


"Easily-digestible lessons."

This was a valuable experience, and packed a lot of education into easily-digestible lessons. 

Was nice to get to know some of the other students on the weekly Zoom calls.

I strongly recommend subscribing to The Power Couple on Substack as well!

- Bruce H.

"Extremely worthwhile and actionable!" 
If you're like me, you may think you know quite a bit about EMFs.  However, my knowledge
on the subject has been multiplied several times over.   
In addition to live weekly calls with our two encouraging and knowledgeable instructors,
Roman and Bohdanna,  you'll learn the types and sources of EMFs,  how to measure,
and mitigate them step by step, along with the health consequences of exposure.
Highly recommended!
 - Lisa T.

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