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Kiss Burnout Goodbye.

I once dreamed of being an archeologist.

Like Lara Croft – a fearless, kick-ass force to be reckoned with – a warrior!

Searching for treasures and fighting the “bad guys” to win the day. Well, that dream didn’t come to fruition, but...

At 36 years of age I did embark on an adventure of a lifetime – Burnout.

A not-so glamorous tale woven over years of neglecting my physical, mental and emotional health. Packaged into a bundle of perfectionism, people pleasing, anxiety and depression.

By 36, I had checked off almost all the boxes of society’s expectations of me.

A good education and career. Travel and volunteering. Marriage. Keeping up with the news, social media, friends, staying fit, and homemaking like Martha Stewart.

I expected to do it all without breaking a sweat, with a smile on my face, and wearing a classy pair of heels.

But all those accomplishments, no matter how wonderful they seemed to the outside world, led to a break down within my own world.

So, what wisdom did I learn on this adventure that I can share with you?

Our search for material “treasures” often sends us down a perilous road of self-sabotage, where our biggest enemy, the “bad guy”, ends up being us.

When we compare ourselves to others and seek Pinterest worthy perfection, seeing anything less as failure, the stories we start to tell ourselves are full of negativity and self-deprecation.

Did Lara Croft ever face burnout? No, because she’s a fictional character.

But let me tell you something. Those of us who do face burnout and stand up to it – we’re the real warrior women.

Although in my state of burnout I felt overwhelmed, defeated and lost, there was still a spark within me that refused to be extinguished.

So, I embarked on one more adventure – uncovering the incredible treasures of holistic wellness by focusing on my sleep, nutrition, movement, and by digging down deep into my mindset.

THAT was the moment when my life changed forever and for the better.

My biggest lesson? You always have a choice in the direction of your life’s path. As stuck as you may feel right now, you have the power to change your life.

The question is – Are you ready to fight for it?

Are you ready to shed those expectations that weigh you down and reconnect with holistically healthy living? Are you ready to ditch the damn filters and embrace the real you?

If you are, let me help by walking that journey with you to becoming that warrior, that fearless leader, forging your path to healing and wellness.

Be Bodacious! Be You.


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