I'm not a healing professional. 

I'm a professional healer.


Growing up, I saw my fair share of chronic illness, and chronically-ill relationships.

I was raised by a single mother who did her best to navigate the world of men, some of whom were abusive. 

As a result I came face to face with the real school of life, and would spend my hours in class pondering how to deal with my “homework” of tense family dinners. 

I’ve also come to know what medicine is and what healing is not.

When I was a teenager, I spent many hours after school and on weekends in hospitals as I watched my mother, grandmother, and grandfather as they all passed from cancer.  

Doctors would often have many preformed answers and auto-replies, without having asked any important questions such as: 

How’s your sleep? 

What do you eat and drink? 

How much do you exercise? 

Do you get outside? 

How’s your marriage?

Magic pills and the scorched earth policy of progress known as radiation treatment came as answers to the questions doctors and nurses failed to ask. 

I was left grasping for the real answers, and found that only we as individuals can ask the questions that illuminate our progress. 

The romantic partners I attracted in life all had their own health struggles as well, and many suffered from mental illness. 

I was forced to stand by and watch as their bodies were laid out onto the train tracks of Rockefeller medicine, which profits from misery and abhors the cure.  

Eventually I was able to help most of my partners once I learned to ask the right questions, and commit to my own values of health. 

This included drawing boundaries and doing the unpopular:  putting professionals on the spot, and pushing for answers. 

My wife and I share a strong bond because we transcended our struggles together. 

On our honeymoon my wife emotionally collapsed and burnt out. 

I had just moved from the US and was now living with her in Canada, and my only support system was faith in my gifts, and a vision of what was possible. 

I held my wife's hand through the dark valley, learning how to ferment sauerkraut, how to read labels that claimed to be organic, and pushing us to stick to a training routine, and ensuring we would see the Sunrise. 

Ever since moving to Canada in 2015, I knew I didn't want to work the same sales jobs that were unfulfilling.

I wanted to put my gifts as a healer to good use. 

Then the pandemic came.

This was the final sign from the Universe that I needed to let go of any thought, word, action, or person that was no longer serving me. 

I decided to launch heart-first into my coaching business, and haven’t looked back. 

Since 2020, I’ve met more strong people than I have my entire life.  

I found a tribe that sung my song. 

More importantly, I was able to make an impact on those around me by committing to my purpose in life – to heal. 

I’m not perfect, but I do know the difference between misery and freedom. 

Misery is an all-day buffet that you gives you food poisoning, while freedom is a giant chocolate cake at the end of an arduous journey. 

I want you to taste what it feels like to be alive and free.

Freedom will cost you though. 

You’ll have to pay with your pride, give your time, serve others, and maybe even let go some people who don’t support you.   

When everything’s on the line, you have nothing left to lose. 

When you go on that trip, you’ll never look back. 

Who’s ready to go forward with me?! 

In Love & Light,